If you are considering incorporating Tulikivi into your new home or renovation, we encourage you to contact us early in your design process. Planning is key to maximize the efficiency and convenience of your installation.

Masonry stoves function optimally in open floor plan homes with the unit centrally located. This allows for the even spread of comforting radiant heat and creates an inviting gathering place for family and friends. See-through fireplaces and fireplaces with an oven on the opposite side can make particularly interesting and functional installations.

Placement considerations
A Tulikivi fireplace in an open, central location will optimize heat transfer. Most of the heat from the fireplace is radiant heat, which travels in straight lines. Tulikivi fireplaces also transfer heat by convection, that is, by heating the air, which can then circulate through the house. Exposed internal chimneys can increase the amount of heat transferred to the house and decrease the heat lost out the chimney.

Placing a Tulikivi against a wall or in a corner may work best with you home design, especially if conserving space is important. Consider your furniture layout when deciding where to locate your Tulikivi for optimum enjoyment of fire view. Corner fireplaces installed with one side along a wall can be used to turn the fire view 45.

It is also important to plan the logistics of wood handling and storage. Each heating season will require several cords (4 x 4 x 8 stacks) of dry wood, protected from the weather. Locate your outdoor wood storage as close to the fireplace as possible. Several days of indoor wood storage will increase the convenience of firing your Tulikivi.