Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces and baking ovens
TLU 2130/3  

Tulikivi: Elegant by Nature, Efficient by Design

 Tulikivi (TWO-lee-KEE-vee) soapstone fireplaces and ovens combine arresting Finish design with old-world technology to bring you wood heating the way it ought to be—simple, beautiful, and efficient. Convenient to use, a  two-hour burn cycle produces a brilliant fire view, while storing a 12- to 24-hour supply of gentle radiant heat in the soapstone mass. With the addition of an oven to your Tulikivi, you can enjoy homemade hearth-baked breads and pizzas. Let us show you how Maine Masonry Stove Company and Tulikivi can give you the fireplace of your dreams.

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