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Tulikivi LogoTulikivi offers you the widest range of natural stone fireplaces available today. Choose from the elegant, modern Forma Europa line, classic fireplaces, or the new rustic boulder units to match your decor. Tulikivi’s specialty branch, Mittakivi, can also create a fireplace customized just for you

The many faces of Tulikivi natural soapstone fireplaces and related products are described below. Clicking on one of  the sample photos or headings will allow you to view a selection of Tulikivi products in a particular category, helping you find the Tulikivi that’s just right for you!

TU 2277/50

Classic Fireplaces

 Our classic fireplaces are the mainstay of our product line. They are available in small, room-sized heaters to much larger units in rough or smooth stone, with five different fire door choices.

Corner Fireplaces

Tulikivi corner models can be especially useful when space is at a minimum. Corner fireplaces placed in the middle of a room or with one side along a wall can create interesting installations.

  KTU 1010
TTU 2700

See-through Fireplaces

Since their introduction about 10 years ago, our see-through fireplaces have become one of our most popular variations. These fireplaces are available in rough or smooth stone with wraparound benches and baking oven options.

Fireplace/Baking Oven Combinations

Combination models offer fire viewing, radiant heating, and baking in one unit. They are available in a variety of styles. Most of these models allow the oven to be built on the back side, if desired, creating a divider between the kitchen and living room.

KTLU 2050/1

Forma Europa Fireplaces

Our Forma Europa line offers elegant, contemporary design without compromising fireplace efficiency. Large glass doors offer an excellent view of the fire.

Baking Ovens & Cook Stoves

Tulikivi baking ovens and cook stoves have long been the homemaker’s choice in Finland. Breads and pizzas may be baked directly on the hearth. These models also function as highly efficient radiant heaters. The ovens and cooktops can be built as individual units or side-by-side.

HU 3400   

Custom Fireplaces

Custom designs are produced by our branch, Mittakivi. The product range includes vaulted fireplaces, “boulder” designs created from large pieces of rough split stone, complexes that combine several units to create a central core, and Jugend Fireplaces, the timeless designs of renowned Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen. Mittakivi will be happy to produce a custom design to your specifications.