Steve Busch, company owner and authorized Tulikivi agent, has been designing and building custom residential masonry for over 25 years. His search for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fireplaces began in the late 1970s, during the energy crisis. His quest eventually lead him to Finland, Steve’s ancestral home and home to Tulikivi. Tulikivi offered the type of products Steve was seeking—beautiful forms that are adaptable to any architectural style and having a high degree of function in the heat storage system.

Steve has built over one hundred Finnish-style masonry stoves in Maine and New Hampshire and is Finnish-American. It is his passion to provide technical expertise through the entire process of designing, installing, and using your family’s Tulikivi. We hope that you will consider a Tulikivi as the warm centerpiece of your own home.

Steve lives in Buckfield, Maine, with his wife and two children. They heat their home with a Tulikivi fireplace and bake bread and pizzas in a Tulikivi oven. 

Steve at granite workers monument
Steve at the granite workers monument Stonington, Maine